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Stem Cell Treatment & Research Institution


the Founder:

Tomorrow Becomes a Reality with STRI's Science & Technology

Seven decades have passed since the Second World War hasended and Koreahas celebrated its independence. Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity changed the whole paradigm in Physics. Humans first laid foot on the Moon during the ‘60s and nowadays people are talking about journeying to Mars.

Civilization, culture, and knowledge are changing rapidly, and owing to stem cell research, mankind has come closer to answering the eternal question of birth, old age, sickness, and death. We’re ready to celebrate the young 120 yearsofage.

nEPS, a pluripotent stem cell without side effects, is a true marvel and innovation that can create a new paradigm in sciencewhich will open up a new chapter in history for all of mankind.

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Founder & Chairman Kye-Ho Lee

Our world-leading bio-company’s vision is that nEPS discovery will contribute to the humanity in a way that it truly deserves. We believe such meaningful discovery will enable us to contribute to human health by means of extending life and antiaging.

Furthermore, research in the field of agricultural sciences is yielding agricultural productivity, as well as improvement in the earth’s environment. A firm belief in the company’s mission, contributing to the health, and improving the quality of human life, by every employee and stakeholder has encouraged us to move on during the past decades.

Moreover, health supplements and beauty products developed with stem cell and energy technology has served as valuable means to us to be ablet to reach to our audiences directly. STRI is building on tomorrow and with its mission to contribute to humanity, we continue to grow with our customers. We look forward to your continued support and hereby we express our utmost appreciation.