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Stem Cell Treatment & Research Institution


STRI (Stem Cell Treatment & Research Institute)

STRI, Pioneer in Life Science Research for Humankind
STRI, Making Young 120 Years & Healthy 140 Years a Reality

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Founded in 1989 with the principles of contributing to the humankind by developing cell treatments with a righteous mind, Stem Cell Treatment & Research Institute (STRI), together with the Stem Cell Research Center, Agricultural Life Sciences Research Center, Lifestyle Sciences Research Center, New Drugs Development & Research Center and the Gene Research Center is moving towards making the Young 120 Years & Healthy 140 Years a reality.

STRI discovered the newly Elicited Pluripotent Stem Cells without side effects (nEPS) for the first time in the world. Using nEPS, STRI has successfully differentiated stem cells into pancreatic β-cells, chondrocytes, osteoblasts, adipocytes, hepatocytes, and neurocytes. We are now in the process of developing every tissue and organ with the rapidly evolving 3D printing technology.

STRI discovered the nEPS with its very own technology. Free from every side effect visible in iPS (induced Pluripotent Stem Cell) and embryonic stem cell, nEPS is expected to bring the quality of life for mankind into a whole new paradigm.

We welcome collaborative research opportunities with global research centers and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Also, nEPS, the world first developed pluripotent stem cell with no side effects, can be provided at your request any time.