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Human nEPS cells derived Hepatocyte. (S-hepa)


Hepatocyte differentiated from nEPS(pluripotent stem cell)
Cell Type Hepatocyte differentiated from nEPS(pluripotent stem cell)
Reprogramming Method Epigenetics by STC-F002
Disease None
Gender Male
Designations human liver
Species Homo sapiens, human
Origin Mesenchymal stem cell derived from umbilical cord
Shipping information Distributed frozen (volume : 1mL)
  • Store Temp. Liquid Niliozen Vapor Phase ( -130℃ or colder )
  • Biosafty Level : 1


STRI became the world’s first commercial provider of human liver cell differentiated from human pluripotent stem cell (nEPS) without side effect and services. 

This hepatocyte is derived from Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) isolated from umbilical cords of healthy donor 

nEPS(newly Elicited Pluripotent Stem cell without side effects by natural products) is produced from MSC to reprogram pluripotency gene expression (OCT4, SOX2, Nanog, ETC) by treating STC-F002. 

In addition, nEPS is not occurred tumor to be remarkably low expression of C-Myc gene related oncogene. Induction of nEPS do not have artificial manipulate anything and use only STC-F002 treatment, small molecules extract from natural products. 

Our hepatocyte cell line will have enormous contribution to understanding the mechanism of human liver cell development and support treatment source of various liver disease.